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Building Ergo: Sigma protocols


Ergo’s smart contracts and DeFi functionality are built on Sigma protocols – a powerful, flexible class of zero-knowledge proofs. Find out more about why they’re so important, and how they put Ergo head and shoulders above the competition.   Cryptography is a fascinating area, and one of the most exciting and intriguing concepts it offers […]

Three smart contract platforms to watch


Smart contracts are a must-have feature for blockchain platforms. But smart contracts come in many forms. This article compares three different approaches.   Bitcoin was the first form of decentralized programmable money. Bitcoin’s built-in scripting language enables users to specify simple conditions attached to transfers – for example, requiring that two of three accounts have […]

Five undervalued crypto coins


Bitcoin is looking both technically and fundamentally strong after its six-month correction, as the Halvening approaches. The last leg up in 2019 saw altcoins brutally sold off as traders positioned for BTC’s parabolic move. This time, the alts are showing some signs of rising with the tide. With prices still near the bottom after a […]

Friday Inferno market report


TL;DR BTC has held $10,000 – so far. The weekly close will be informative, and time is running out on this correction.   Bitcoin has once again kept traders on the edge of their seats this week, with a series of moves that will have taken many by surprise. After the abrupt plunge below $9,500 […]

You know you’ve been in crypto too long when…


How long have you been in crypto? A year? Two? Five? If it’s too long, you’ll recognise some of these warning signs.   Checking the price of bitcoin is the first thing you do in the morning. Not grab a coffee. Not say ‘Good morning’ to your beloved. Not feed the cat. It’s grab your […]

Crypto trading analysis: why you’re probably doing it wrong


Anyone who confidently gives you a bitcoin price prediction – especially for the short term – is a charlatan.   Bitcoin price prediction is a huge part of the crypto sector. There is a whole industry of ‘experts’ looking to make a living – not from trading, but from ‘advising’ others how to trade. Some […]

Inferno market report: how will bitcoin fare in a recession?


With talk of a global recession growing louder, it’s time to consider what BTC might do in this scenario – one it’s never seen before.   Bitcoin is well into its new bull market, having seemingly completed its first leg up and pullback and now looking at getting the job done in earnest. At the […]

Inferno guide to Bitcoin Bears


The success of cryptocurrency has seen a new breed of bear evolve. These are vicious, tortured creatures who will maul bitcoin at the slightest provocation. Understood correctly, they can be a fantastic form of entertainment.   Bitcoin has its fair share of critics as well as fanatics. It’s something that polarises opinion. But there are […]

Sunday Inferno round-up


Here it is, folks: our regular Sunday summary of Inferno news, articles and market insights. Here’s what’s been going on this week: Bitcoin is Digital Gold. Litecoin is Digital Silver. What is BSV? The Periodic Table of Crypto Bitcoin is likely to benefit from increasing gold prices, as a major bank tells clients to reduce […]

Are permissioned ledgers the future of blockchain for business?


Corporations and governments won’t work with open platforms. Permissioned ledgers are likely to play a key role in the adoption of blockchain technology.   Bitcoin, the original blockchain, is an open network. Anyone can join it, use it, run a full node, or start a mining node. There are no restrictions of who gets to […]


What's been going on around #Ergo during November? Enjoy a bite of this month's digest:

Plenty of #DeFi fine tuning!

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