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You know you’ve been in crypto too long when…

How long have you been in crypto? A year? Two? Five? If it’s too long, you’ll recognise some of these warning signs.   Checking the price of bitcoin is the first thing you do in the morning. Not grab a coffee. Not say ‘Good morning’ to your beloved. Not feed the cat. It’s grab your […]

Crypto trading analysis: why you’re probably doing it wrong

Anyone who confidently gives you a bitcoin price prediction – especially for the short term – is a charlatan.   Bitcoin price prediction is a huge part of the crypto sector. There is a whole industry of ‘experts’ looking to make a living – not from trading, but from ‘advising’ others how to trade. Some […]

Inferno guide to Bitcoin Bears

The success of cryptocurrency has seen a new breed of bear evolve. These are vicious, tortured creatures who will maul bitcoin at the slightest provocation. Understood correctly, they can be a fantastic form of entertainment.   Bitcoin has its fair share of critics as well as fanatics. It’s something that polarises opinion. But there are […]

Are permissioned ledgers the future of blockchain for business?

Corporations and governments won’t work with open platforms. Permissioned ledgers are likely to play a key role in the adoption of blockchain technology.   Bitcoin, the original blockchain, is an open network. Anyone can join it, use it, run a full node, or start a mining node. There are no restrictions of who gets to […]

The strange story of Hal Finney and Dorian Nakamoto, Part 2

Statistically, one or other Satoshi Nakamotos was always likely to live near a prominent cypherpunk.   In the first part of this article, we looked at the unlikely coincidence that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto – the man unfairly and inaccurately outed as Bitcoin’s creator by Newsweek – lived just a mile away from Hal Finney, a […]

The strange story of Hal Finney and Dorian Nakamoto, Part 1

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who definitely wasn’t Bitcoin’s creator, lived just a mile away from someone who could have been. Coincidence?   Hal Finney was a giant in the Bitcoin scene. He was a prominent cypherpunk who worked on landmark privacy projects, including PGP and anonymous remailers. He was one of just a handful […]

Green alts and ham

When Sam-I-am persists in pestering a grumpy grouch to buy a bag of alts, the grouch turns abusive and violent – teaching us all that we should buy and hold only bitcoin!   I am Sam Sam I am Do you like green eggs and ham?   I do not like green eggs and ham […]

Bitcoin Dominance at 70%, could hit 80%

Bitcoin now represents a proportion of overall crypto market cap not seen for two and a half years.   The bitcoin rally that started in April caught almost everyone off-guard. And while many of the community have experienced previous parabolic rallies, this one is different.   This time, all eyes are on BTC, right from […]

Litecoin halvening – what next?

Reduced block rewards for Litecoin miners raise questions for hashrate and price – with implications for Bitcoin’s own halvening next year.   Litecoin hit a major milestone earlier this week, with its third halving. Block rewards fell from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin halvings happen every four years, so the next one […]

Max Keiser – BTC could go to $15k this week

The perma-bull sees $100k per bitcoin in the medium-term future.   Max Keiser has been buying and promoting bitcoin since it was $1. The former Wall Street trader is big on gold and bitcoin, seeing the digital currency as the heir to shiny yellow metal. While Keiser’s long-term predictions for bitcoin are nothing new – […]


.@ledgerx Places Founders On Leave Following Public CFTC Woes
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