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Three smart contract platforms to watch

Smart contracts are a must-have feature for blockchain platforms. But smart contracts come in many forms. This article compares three different approaches.   Bitcoin was the first form of decentralized programmable money. Bitcoin’s built-in scripting language enables users to specify simple conditions attached to transfers – for example, requiring that two of three accounts have […]

Five undervalued crypto coins

Bitcoin is looking both technically and fundamentally strong after its six-month correction, as the Halvening approaches. The last leg up in 2019 saw altcoins brutally sold off as traders positioned for BTC’s parabolic move. This time, the alts are showing some signs of rising with the tide. With prices still near the bottom after a […]

You know you’ve been in crypto too long when…

How long have you been in crypto? A year? Two? Five? If it’s too long, you’ll recognise some of these warning signs.   Checking the price of bitcoin is the first thing you do in the morning. Not grab a coffee. Not say ‘Good morning’ to your beloved. Not feed the cat. It’s grab your […]

Crypto trading analysis: why you’re probably doing it wrong

Anyone who confidently gives you a bitcoin price prediction – especially for the short term – is a charlatan.   Bitcoin price prediction is a huge part of the crypto sector. There is a whole industry of ‘experts’ looking to make a living – not from trading, but from ‘advising’ others how to trade. Some […]

Inferno guide to Bitcoin Bears

The success of cryptocurrency has seen a new breed of bear evolve. These are vicious, tortured creatures who will maul bitcoin at the slightest provocation. Understood correctly, they can be a fantastic form of entertainment.   Bitcoin has its fair share of critics as well as fanatics. It’s something that polarises opinion. But there are […]

Are permissioned ledgers the future of blockchain for business?

Corporations and governments won’t work with open platforms. Permissioned ledgers are likely to play a key role in the adoption of blockchain technology.   Bitcoin, the original blockchain, is an open network. Anyone can join it, use it, run a full node, or start a mining node. There are no restrictions of who gets to […]

The strange story of Hal Finney and Dorian Nakamoto, Part 2

Statistically, one or other Satoshi Nakamotos was always likely to live near a prominent cypherpunk.   In the first part of this article, we looked at the unlikely coincidence that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto – the man unfairly and inaccurately outed as Bitcoin’s creator by Newsweek – lived just a mile away from Hal Finney, a […]

The strange story of Hal Finney and Dorian Nakamoto, Part 1

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who definitely wasn’t Bitcoin’s creator, lived just a mile away from someone who could have been. Coincidence?   Hal Finney was a giant in the Bitcoin scene. He was a prominent cypherpunk who worked on landmark privacy projects, including PGP and anonymous remailers. He was one of just a handful […]

Green alts and ham

When Sam-I-am persists in pestering a grumpy grouch to buy a bag of alts, the grouch turns abusive and violent – teaching us all that we should buy and hold only bitcoin!   I am Sam Sam I am Do you like green eggs and ham?   I do not like green eggs and ham […]

Bitcoin Dominance at 70%, could hit 80%

Bitcoin now represents a proportion of overall crypto market cap not seen for two and a half years.   The bitcoin rally that started in April caught almost everyone off-guard. And while many of the community have experienced previous parabolic rallies, this one is different.   This time, all eyes are on BTC, right from […]


A little bird landed on my shoulder and told me that February is going to be a really good Month. Bird gossip is generally reliable

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