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Friday Inferno market report

TL;DR BTC has held $10,000 – so far. The weekly close will be informative, and time is running out on this correction.   Bitcoin has once again kept traders on the edge of their seats this week, with a series of moves that will have taken many by surprise. After the abrupt plunge below $9,500 […]

Inferno market report: how will bitcoin fare in a recession?

With talk of a global recession growing louder, it’s time to consider what BTC might do in this scenario – one it’s never seen before.   Bitcoin is well into its new bull market, having seemingly completed its first leg up and pullback and now looking at getting the job done in earnest. At the […]

Inferno market analysis – another look at Realised Cap

‘Realised Cap’ is closing in on $100 billion, giving us another way of assessing bitcoin price developments in the medium-term future.   In this report, we’re going to take a look at the longer-term picture for bitcoin. In particular, we’ll look at what’s been going on with the Realised Cap metric, which we’ve looked at […]

Inferno market report: JP Morgan says sell your dollars

The bank warns the dollar’s dominance could be coming to an end, and to prepare accordingly.    JP Morgan has urged its international high net-worth clients to reduce their exposure to the dollar in favour of gold and international currencies.    The investment bank did not recommend them to buy bitcoin, but the wider effect […]

Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR bump, bump, bumping on the ceiling.   Bitcoin is keeping traders on the edge of their seats, flipping from bullish to bearish and back repeatedly over the course of recent days.    We have a collection of resistance factors in play in the same area, and bitcoin has now risen to meet these, backed […]

Inferno Tuesday market report

There have been big moves on the market with a rise above $12k – and Max Keiser predicting $15k this week.   Bitcoin has proven extremely strong this week, breaking multiple key resistance levels. On Saturday it pushed through the 50-day moving average. Yesterday, BTC broke the important $11.2k resistance zone, which marked the last […]

Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR Onwards and upwards!   Bitcoin has been stuck in a short-term bearish phase for the last month, since topping out at $13,880. That may have finally changed yesterday when BTC broke above key resistance.   Over the past few weeks we have seen a succession of lower highs, with the last around $10,200. Bitcoin […]

Tuesday Inferno market report

TL;DR Consolidation continues with bitcoin’s channel-bound trading. The overall direction is still gently downwards, but it is fair to expect this relative calm to end soon.   Let’s start by recapping the big picture: for the past five weeks, bitcoin has been correcting since its near-moonshot to $13,880. It has traded within a broad channel, […]

Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR we’re waiting for resolution of the channel, with a bearish bias.   Bitcoin price action has remained within the same channel that BTC has traded within for the past 5 weeks now. A glance at the daily chart is enough to give a clear picture. Price has been trending downwards since the spike up […]

Tuesday Inferno market roundup

At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading right on the $10k line. This represents an important psychological level and also coincides with the 50-day moving average. The technicals are bearish for now, leading us to expect another dip to $9k is possible, or potentially lower.   Bitcoin is still trading within the broad channel […]


Bitcoin Network Transfers $1 Billion ‘For Price of a Cup of Coffee’
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