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Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR a bullish bounce but the overall picture needs to change for new highs.   Bitcoin has proven massively volatile in recent days, with thousand-dollar-plus moves becoming commonplace. While the 50 DMA acted as support on Monday, it was breached on Tuesday, and bitcoin fell to the $9k region. For a while, it looked as […]

Tuesday Inferno market report

TL;DR up from here?   Bitcoin is looking like it has bottomed after its recent volatility, though concerns are still present. Let’s take a look at what the market has done over the course of the last few weeks: A parabolic rise to the year high of $13,880 A retrace of 31% down to $9,614 […]

Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR Bitcoin rekt, alts ded. Just another day in the crypto bull market.   When bitcoin broke resistance and took another run at the yearly high, it was looking very promising. $13k fell, and it looked like BTC might manage to take out the $13,880 level where it had stalled last time – which also […]

Tuesday Inferno market report

TL;DR with $12k breached, the next major obstacle is the yearly high around $14,000 – and if that goes, then the sky is the limit.   For the past two weeks bitcoin has been trading in a descending triangle, with support around the $11k region. Descending triangles more often break to the downside, which could […]

Friday Inferno market update

TL;DR was that a fakeout? :/   Bitcoin is trying to figure out whether to moon or crash. From the high of $13,880 at the end of June to the recent low of $9,614 is a fall of around 31%, which is entirely in line for similar corrections during the 2017 bull market. Since that […]

Tuesday Inferno market report

TL;DR There’s good. There’s bad. And then there’s Ugly.    The good: fundamentals Bitcoin is storming ahead in terms of infrastructure. Hashrate and Difficulty are at all time highs, indicating long-term confidence in the network. Bitcoin dominance is at over 60%, almost a two-year high, showing that right now, crypto traders are interested in BTC […]

Friday Inferno market roundup

TL;DR a strong bounce – but is it a dead cat or the start of something better?   On Wednesday, bitcoin finally ended its incredible run-up after putting in a high of $13,880, dropping as low as $11,241 at one point in a $2,500+ crash. This correction was much needed, since bitcoin was badly over-extended […]

Tuesday Inferno market update

Are you prepared for the next big move?   Bitcoin staged an impressive rally to $11,200 at the weekend, pulling back a little to consolidate around the $11k mark. After such a massive parabolic move, this is strange. Usually, parabolic rises retrace the same way as they went up – fast. In this instance, the […]

Saturday Inferno market update

TL;DR are you ready for the action?   So it’s happening. The market is moving fast, even for bitcoin, and there’s a risk that anything we write now will be out of date within minutes. So we’ll make some general observations as well as looking at some specifics that – depending on your timezone – […]

Tuesday Inferno market report

Bitcoin has hit another yearly high, smashing through the $9k barrier. All eyes are now on $10,000 BTC.   The epic bullrun that started on 1 April shows no sign of stopping. Having pulled back sharply after breaching $9k on the last day of May, bitcoin bottomed at $7,400 and then swiftly recovered. BTC broke […]


Bitcoin Difficulty and Price
How does Bitcoin’s hashrate and Difficulty correlate with price?
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