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You know you’ve been in crypto too long when…

You know you’ve been in crypto too long when…


How long have you been in crypto? A year? Two? Five? If it’s too long, you’ll recognise some of these warning signs.


  1. Checking the price of bitcoin is the first thing you do in the morning. Not grab a coffee. Not say ‘Good morning’ to your beloved. Not feed the cat. It’s grab your phone while you’re still half asleep and see which way BTC went in the night.
  2. Your thumb has RSI, from swiping down to refresh Blockfolio so many times.
  3. That’s Repetitive Strain Injury, by the way. If you read RSI and assumed it meant Relative Strength Index, you’re probably obsessed with chart indicators.
  4. You can’t look at a city skyline without seeing volume bars. You can’t look at a mountain range without seeing price spikes.
  5. Somehow, you got really good at mental math. You can do complicated sums in your head – but only if they involve exchange rates for bitcoin and altcoins.
  6. You feel an overwhelming urge to draw lines on things as a means of predicting the future. If you were in hospital, you’d probably be drawing support and resistance levels on your heart-rate monitor to figure out if you’ll survive.
  7. Your F5 key is blank. There’s a dip where it’s worn away from refreshing CoinMarketCap.
  8. You only have online friends. You stopped seeing half your real-world friends when they laughed at you for buying crypto. The other half stopped seeing you when it turned out you were right.
  9. You haven’t had 8 hours sleep since… well, since crypto.
  10. You’re still kicking yourself for buying that beer/mining rig/sunglasses for BTC back in 2015. It seemed so cool and smart at the time. Now it’s the most expensive thing you ever bought.

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