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Craig: ‘I will murder ZCash to death

Everybody’s favourite fake Satoshi is at it again, claiming he will render ZCash and Monero ‘completely traceable’.


No stranger to controversy, or to statements that are long on ambition but somewhat lacking in the evidence department, Craig ‘Faketoshi’ Wright has attacked two prominent privacy coins with a warning that their days are numbered. The man who once claimed he could prove he was Satoshi but awkwardly failed to provide convincing proof of any form fired his opening (and likely only) salvo on Twitter, with the message:


Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable…

A means to start monitoring it all and attributing.

And, responsible disclosure is not those teams.

Have a nice life.


Craig has made many interesting claims in the past, and has repeatedly been called out for his various lies by a range of parties too diverse to list. Rather than actually engage with them in the long term, he prefers to spend a little time on his latest outrageous claim, and then move on to the next one when the questions start getting too difficult to deflect.


The ZCash community was beset with panic when Craig’s tweet came to light. The price of ZCash immediately plummeted 0.19% as traders flocked to dump their holdings and salvage what little value they could before Wright made good on his claims.


‘It’s just a matter of time,’ explained one terrified trader. ‘We know Craig is as good as his word. The shockwave we saw today in the markets is just the start. We could see falls of 0.5%, even 1% if this continues. There’s just no bottom in sight.’

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