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Swissborg: trading fun without the risk

TL;DR Swissborg have created a beautifully gamified price prediction app and an active community around it.


Buy low, sell high. Easy right? The thrill of trading, the adrenaline surge of calling the market right and winning millions in the comfort of your own pajamas. Just fire up BitMex, max leverage and – 


Yep, rekt. Back to that spare room in your parents’ house and a minimum-wage job at MacDonalds. So much for retiring at 30.


Thing is, trading is harder than it looks, at least if you want to come out of it with more money than you had when you went in. But it’s so FUN. 


Swissborg have taken the fun of trading and left behind the agony of getting wiped out with an awesome little community app. It’s actually part of a wider bitcoin price prediction service that uses machine learning and community insights to forecast where BTC is heading. That’s yet to launch, but this app is a first step and absolutely worth a look in its own right.


They have reduced the complexities of trading to a straightforward UX in which you simply predict whether the price of bitcoin will be higher or lower in 24 hours’ time. You can stake different amounts on your hunch, depending on how many points you have already (which depends on how successful you’ve been in the past). Get it right and you double your stake, get it wrong and you lose it. Keep winning and you unlock new limits and earn badges for different qualities (accuracy, risk taking, loyalty, etc). The better you do, the higher up the Hall of Fame you move, with the chance to win a share of a prize pool of up to $500,000.


Overall, it’s a beautifully gamified price prediction tool. The simple UX makes it instantly accessible to anyone, and the company has worked hard to maximise that little dopamine hit you get from calling the market right. Refer new users with your code and win more points, helping grow the already active community. It’s all very well designed.


Data from the app will ultimately be integrated into the price prediction tool. As well as machine learning, it will take insights from the most successful and reliable community members – the ones who are best at forecasting price movements. In all, it’s a lot of fun and a great idea.

If you want to download the app, feel free to use referral code J7NG5HI as a little thank you for putting you onto this.

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