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World Series of Crypto trading contest to launch on Waves DEX

Prize money is 5,000 WAVES for the top trader, with a total prize pool of 13,000 WAVES ($30,000).


Fed up with no one believing your trading skills? Want to show the world how good you are?


The World Series of Crypto (WSOC) trading competition will soon be kicking off on Waves DEX. The event is a free-to-enter, transparent contest powered by Waves’ smart tokens. Anyone can register and receive 100k demo USD (dUSD) in starting money. Then during the competition, participants will trade pairs of demo assets including dBTC, dETH, dWAVES and dUSD.


After a week of trading, the competition ends and all assets held by traders are converted to their equivalent spot price in dUSD. Anyone with over the starting money of 100k dUSD is entered into the prize pool. First place takes 5,000 WAVES – around $11,500 – with the other winners collecting a share of the pool.


One of the strengths of running a smart-token powered contest on a DEX is the level of transparency involved. Unlike on a centralised exchange, the competition cannot be rigged by the company and the cryptos cannot be manipulated without manipulating the entire underlying market. Waves DEX is almost as fast as a conventional exchange, and centralised matching with blockchain settlement means orders cannot be front-run but remain highly secure. However, just like a normal market, it’s otherwise a free-for-all. Bots are allowed – all that matters is that you are successful.

Applications are open, with registration ending on 19 June and the contest itself running from 20-27 June. You will need the browser plug-in Waves Keeper to participate. To find out more and register, visit

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