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Every airdrop at your fingertips

Airdrops can be a lucrative way to build your crypto portfolio or gain additional income, thanks to the fact that they have become so popular among crypto projects and the community. The problem is, there are now so many that it’s easy to miss even the big ones. Given that some can be worth tens or hundreds of dollars, it’s worth knowing when they’re happening. A new website, TopAirDrops, makes sure you don’t miss anything.


Crypto marketing takes many forms, from quality explainer videos to scammy Twitter posts. Some is effective, some annoying. The one kind that everyone loves, however, is airdrops.


Airdrops became popular over the course of the last year as ICOs sought to attract attention in what had become a very crowded market. In short, an airdrop is a free distribution of tokens to members of a new or established crypto community. The criteria for getting tokens might be signing up on Telegram or reposting a tweet, or it might be nothing at all — the tokens are just sent to addresses on the blockchain that meet the right conditions.


The advantage of this for ICO projects is that they gain lots of free exposure — hundreds or thousands of potential investors receive the token and have the opportunity to find out more about the crowdsale. The more investors, the more money they attract for marketing and development. And, as importantly, the better token distribution they will have. For the recipient, the benefits should be obvious: free digital cash, in return for little or no work at all.


Never miss another airdrop


In 2016 and early 2017 it was relatively easy to keep up with the different airdrops going on. There weren’t many. With the explosion of ICOs last year and the growing popularity of airdrops, it became almost impossible to participate in every single one. Airdrops now happen on a daily basis, across many different blockchains (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Neo, Waves, EOS…). It’s too much work to keep up with them all.


The good news is that you don’t have to, because TopAirDrops does it for you. The site gives you details of current and incoming airdrops, information about the platform used and conditions for claiming them, even approximate USD value and a rating for the project.


ICO issuers can register their airdrops on the site, immediately informing a large community and gaining awareness and potential investment.


Simply head over to, and take a look at what’s coming. You’ll find further information about each project, including links to the official site and white paper, as well as instructions for participating.


TopAirDrops has a lot of other new features on the way, as well as its own token for powering a complete ecosystem of services. So stay tuned, and enjoy the airdrops!


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