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Sunday Inferno round-up

Sunday Inferno round-up


It’s the weekend, and so we once again have our regular round-up of the biggest crypto stories and market movements. Here’s what we’ve covered this week:

  • The 2020 Halvening is just one of a series of further supply reductions in Bitcoin’s future. What happens when miners rely solely on transaction fees for revenues?
    What happens when mining rewards end?
  • TL;DR with $12k breached, the next major obstacle is the yearly high around $14,000 – and if that goes, then the sky is the limit.
    Tuesday Inferno market report
  • When Lambo? We don’t know. When Ferrari 599 GTO? Now!
    Tokenised car ownership with BitCar
  • What happens with LTC is often a signal for what happens with BTC later.
    Watch Litecoin’s halvening
  • TL;DR Bitcoin rekt, alts ded. Just another day in the crypto bull market.
    Friday Inferno market update
  • Bitcoin is not money. I don’t like cryptocurrency. If I wanted to make a cryptocurrency it would be the best currency in the world, let me tell you. Believe me. I already did create the best currency in the world and it’s the US dollar. It’s the best currency and it always will be, forever. I should know, I created it.
    Trump launches war on crypto, loses war on crypto

That’s all folks – see you next week for the next installment of the rollercoaster ride that is crypto life.

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