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Sunday Inferno roundup

Welcome to the weekend once again! As ever, we’ve had plenty of interesting developments in the crypto space this week, with bitcoin showing its signature volatility once again. Here are the highlights from Inferno: Hashrate just hit an all-time high. So did Difficulty. But what even are those, anyway? Difficulty for beginners We knew the […]

Sunday Inferno round-up

Welcome to the weekend once again. Here is your summary for the week: Donald has better things to do with his time, but would be upset that it’s even harder to control a decentralised online protocol than it is to get North Korea to be nice. New York Post want Trump to fix bitcoin Last […]

Sunday Inferno round-up

Welcome to the weekend once again. This week, we have more crypto-world highlights, insights, fun and market analysis. Here are the top stories: No, they’re nothing to do with martial arts, but these candlestick formations can give your charting a kick-ass edge. Beginners’ guide to dojis Bitcoin has found support at the $7,800 level, but […]

Sunday Inferno round-up

Welcome to the weekend, Infernites! This week we have seen yet more spectacular volatility on the crypto markets, but there’s plenty more going on. Here are our top stories from the week: They’re one of the most commonly used trading indicators. But how can you use them to get ahead? Beginners’ guide to moving averages […]

Sunday Inferno round-up

Welcome Infernites! This week has been another good one, with bitcoin slamming through $6k and eyeing the next key resistance levels. Here’s our round-up of the week’s news and other articles: LTC is silver to bitcoin’s gold. In other words, if you think BTC is volatile… Introduction to Litecoin and trading LTC TL;DR Trending up, […]

Sunday Inferno Summary

Welcome to the weekend, guys! It’s been another great week in crypto, with prices pushing yearly highs. Here are the highlights: Buy low, sell high. Easy, right? The beginners’ guide to trading: support and resistance BTC’s slide has paused, but the alts are taking a beating – but that’s not bearish for bitcoin. Tuesday Inferno […]

Inferno Sunday summary

It’s been yet another eventful week for crypto. Here’s a round-up of this weeks articles on Crypto Inferno: The price of bitcoin grows according to a straightforward mathematical equation, which correlates to phenomena found in nature as well as Facebook’s growth and share price. Bitcoin’s growth is like a virus BTC continues to perform strongly, […]

Sunday 21 April digest

Welcome to the weekend, crypto lovers! Here are the top stories on Inferno from this week. Staking is the new mining – but it’s been around a looooong time. Staking is not as new as you think Last night saw a slide below $5k, followed by a bounce. Are lower price coming for BTC? Tuesday […]

Sunday 14 April roundup

Greetings Inferno friends! It’s been an interesting week for crypto. Here are our main articles and stories: Permabull: Bitcoin is now bullish. Tom Lee staggers everyone by stating that bitcoin is in an uptrend. Link Tuesday Inferno market report. Link The four types of trader. Are you a butterfly, cat, dog or tortoise? Link China bans bitcoin […]

Sunday digest: April 7.

Welcome to the weekend, crypto lovers! Here are the top stories on Inferno from this week.   Craig Wright increases the supply of Bitcoin fork BSV to 23 million Bitcoin goes crazy with s $1,000 spike We explain major cryptos with cows, cats and… well, take a look Craig is back in the headlines, and […]


Bitcoin just 4 days away from historically bullish $10K price record
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