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YouTube picks: Alessio Rastani and Crypto Kirby

YouTube picks: Alessio Rastani and Crypto Kirby


Crypto trading is not for the faint hearted. Here are two experts who help you make smart decisions.

The crypto world can be incredibly simplistic. Bitcoin is dead; bitcoin is going to $1 million. The truth, of course, generally lies between the extremes but there are few who take the trouble to uncover it.

If you’re trading this market, you have to be one of those few or you won’t last long. Crypto can be brutal at the best of times; right now it’s an absolute animal and that animal is an angry bear. If you get your information from Crypto Twitter (CT) or the forums, you probably have the survival chances of a snowball in a supernova. Reliable sources of information and education are rare, but they do exist. Two of our favourites are Crypto Kirby and Alessio Rastani.

Kirby is a full-time swing trader who posts daily updates about the markets and his moves. He has a subscriber-only channel where he gives real-time information about his trades, but you can get a lot of good data from the regular channel. His updates are punctuated with desk-slapping and jibes at unsophisticated traders, ‘Moonboy Montgomery’, ‘Average Joe’, ‘James at the Watercooler’, ‘Poopcoin Patrick’. Initially these were annoying but they kind of grow on you, especially when you realise there’s some great, unemotional and very rational technical analysis here. If you’re trading BTC or ETH, you could do a lot worse than to take in a few of these videos.

Rastani is a UK-based self-taught trader who became a controversial figure after an appearance on the BBC back in the financial crisis, in which he stated he dreamed of another recession and that, as a trader, it was his job to make money whatever the market direction. The same is true of financial institutions. ‘Governments don’t rule the world; Goldman Sachs rule the world.’ He received heavy criticism and ridicule for this, though – looking at the matter objectively – he is right. It was simply honesty and a position far more prevalent than most people grasp. Goldman Sachs is not your friend. Misunderstood or not, Rastani posts regular updates about bitcoin and is a conservative, realistic trader who gives plenty of good information.

In both cases, these traders won’t tell you what you want to hear. They are dispassionate; when circumstances call for being short, they will short. When long, they will long. Risk management is key. They’re both worth your time if you want to trade BTC.

You can find Kirby here:

And Rastani here:

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