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Craig goes to court

Craig goes to court


Have his lies caught up with him? We have to hope so.


You can’t make this stuff up. Well, actually, Craig did and now it’s looking like it’s – slowly – coming back to bite him.


Craig ‘Faketoshi’ Wright, who has famously and repeatedly claimed to be Bitcoin’s creator but never once supplied anything like convincing proof, is due in court today. The reason? Well…


He went public with his story that he and Dave Kleiman, a computer security expert who died in 2013, created Bitcoin together. As part of that process, a whole load of documents were ‘leaked’. It looks a lot like at least some of them are fake; for example, there are emails there that have domain names that weren’t registered until after the date they were apparently sent. So pretty suspicious.


However, Dave Kleiman’s family are taking him at his word. Ira Kleiman, David’s brother and his beneficiary, maintains that Wright defrauded him of 1.1 million BTC (currently worth over $5 billion). And central to the case is the relationship between the two men, and the work they did – together or separately – on Bitcoin.


Some of the documentation that has come to light suggests that Wright has been faking evidence of his early involvement in Bitcoin. There is a question about why he is doing this, that takes on an additional dimension here:

  • He wants the fame that comes with being known as Satoshi, and the business opportunities, including selling intellectual property that Satoshi (maybe Dave) and not he developed.
  • Alternatively, perhaps he really did defraud Kleiman. Perhaps this fake paper trail is designed to establish his ownership of the BTC so he doesn’t have to give billions of dollars worth of crypto to Dave’s brother.


It’s a mess of lies that seems like it’s finally started to catch up with him. And we love it. Hopefully the court proceedings will establish Wright’s involvement with Bitcoin once and for all.

By the way, Craig has apparently been taking legal action against people who claim he’s not Satoshi. Just so you know.

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Your article is load of garbage propaganda, very obvious continuation of smear campaign on Craig Wright. Proof is all there for everyone to see, proof is in the WORK, his ACTIONS, and obvious highest understanding of the Bitcoin system… but the biased, propaganda puppets, crooks and idiots can’t see further then their noses (or are paid to “think” like that). In the big picture of things, it doesn’t even matter who Satoshi is, what matters is how the system works, and what is important is that there is someone willing and able to protect it, and fight for it, and… Read more »


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